Friday, 27 October 2017

28 Months Old

George is 28 months old today! 
We started out the month with Light Night

Running around in Millennium Square with Daddy's gloves

Once it got dark, the light shows started

The Civic Hall had a cool history of Leeds story on it

The Queens Hotel was celebrating its 80th anniversary--I loved the art deco designs in the projections

We watched a performance in Trinity by the "Cirque de Bijou"

George looks nervous!

I loved these huge desk lamps lining Briggate

The Queens Hotel had a little display about its history for the anniversary--this advert for Golden Acre Park caught our attention! It's from the (brief) time when it was an amusement park in the 30's.

We took George out to Oakwell Hall for the first time

He had a great time playing in the leaves and we warmed up with tea & cake in the tearoom

We went to the National Railway Museum in York again--we gave George a Stephen mini train and he had a great time checking out all of the Stephenson's Rocket replicas

This little model's wheels turn & engine goes when you put a 50p in

It took us ages to get down this street...George loved playing in the crunchy leaves!

We had a lovely visit with Ruth up in Ambleside

Hugo is such a sweet dog!

It was so gorgeous--I love the leaves!

Spooky scene on campus--St George's Field gravestones with autumn leaves

Last weekend we went to the Keighley Worth Valley Railway beer & music festival

George loved the steam trains!

All tuckered out!

On Monday, we celebrated Biscuit's 4th birthday

We carved our pumpkins this week--I did my Headless Horseman one on Tuesday night, then on Wednesday George and I carved the little one together. I had him help take the seeds out--he stuck his hand in and said "Yuck!"

George on campus
Superhero George pyjamas!

It's got a little cape that velcros on the back!

Last Saturday was Apple Day--there was a community orchard apple pressing, live music and Morris dancers

The juice was so good--as fresh as it could be!
Here are some more of the professional shots we had taken last month

George is getting to be a lovely little toddler these days. His speech just keeps getting better and we've had a big breakthrough with his counting and alphabet this month. He can count to 10 fairly reliably and he sings the alphabet song with most of the letters (L-M-N-O is glossed over and W is "double-decker"!)
We're still reading a lot of Thomas books, and seasonal books (Peppa Pig's Halloween pumpkin competition, Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin, Thomas harvest festival & Halloween ones, etc.). At nursery, they're having a Halloween party on Tuesday, so I'll send him in his costume. When I showed him the costumes at all of the various supermarkets, he thought they were all too scary--"Scary George!" "No scary!" To be fair to him, the costumes in the UK do tend to be scary themes--vampires, werewolves, skeletons, witches, zombies--even for toddlers! Asda has a "dress-up" section (year-round) with superhero costumes and Disney princess dresses, though, so we got him a Woody from Toy Story costume. He hasn't seen the movie yet, but he loves the outfit--"Cowboy! Yippee!" (He loves the book Cowboy Small). He's getting close to outgrowing his Bullseye rocking horse, so I figured it's a good time to get him the Woody outfit and take some cute pictures! 

Firsts this month:
First visit to Oakwell Hall
First trip to the Lake District
First flu vaccine (it was a nasal spray--he was very good about it!)
First time singing the ABC song