Monday, 26 February 2018

32 Months

George is 32 months today! 

Our annual pass to Eureka, the children's museum in Halifax, ran out this month, so we fit one last visit in before it expired! Their human body section had this age progression photo machine--I thought George looked crazy, and then Richard & I tried it, too, but for adults it just seemed to superimpose some wrinkles!

Afternoon out at Golden Acre Park with Daddy

Freezing day out on Embsay railway

Enjoying a Yorkshire Scoundrel (like a scone)

Happy Valentine's Day! We had some "chocolate toast," as George calls it, for breakfast with the Nutella that was leftover from Pancake Day

Lunch at Ikea--George loves Lingonsylt!

The Alhambra garden at Roundhay Park

Tropical World--a brilliant place to visit on a cold winter's day!

He was not a fan of the skinks!

He loved this iguana, though

We'd heard about this cafe, Buffers Coffee Shop, at a model railway event a few months ago and we finally tried it out--it was in the middle of nowhere near Bolton Abbey in an amazing 17th century barn/farmhouse. The food was excellent and the whole of the upstairs is filled with model railways

They had so much Thomas stuff on display, both on the tracks and in the original packaging up on the walls

George is always lining up his cars like this across the room--so neat & precise!

George kept us on our toes in February--he's getting to be more of a toddler all the time, testing boundaries and being quite vocal about what he wants, when he wants it! Thankfully, he seems to have moved past that stage now and he was absolutely lovely today, but when we were in the thick of it, it was hard to take him out of the house! On Valentine's Day, we went to a lovely French place for lunch we'd been wanting to try, and the food was very good, but George was in a mood and we had to make a quick exit without dessert--next year, I think we'll do a nice meal at home like we did for the past couple of years!

Firsts this month:
First Valentine's card purchase--Richard had George pick out & give me a card this year :)
First Nutella toast
First chocolate egg--we bought our Easter eggs early this year, and he managed to get his out of the box and unwrap it while we were putting groceries away! So quick and silent about it, haha! I managed to get it re-wrapped and boxed again before he damaged it (or ate it!)
First Ikea kid's meal