Sunday, 27 January 2013

Research trip

 My home for the week--special collections at Mullins library
 Student Union building--it's very nice, with a big common area and a fireplace, and the bookstore has a Bed Bath & Beyond section in it, too!
Wal-Mart on Campus.  The business school is named after Walton, too!
 If we had Cracker Barrel back home, I would always study like this!

My usual: Spicy grilled catfish, fried okra, turnip greens, fried apples, corn muffins and sweet tea. I ate the whole thing, too!
Barnett's Dairyette is still going (it's closed on weekends, though, so I didn't get to try it)
 Siloam Springs Memorial Hospital is being torn down

 And Taco Tico has apparently been shut down for not paying its sales tax. So tragic--I had my heart set on trying a taco burger!
 Seeing Duggar Automotive was amazing, though...
And here's the wildlife safari place for you, Kel!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Richard's Birthday in York

The birthday boy on the city wall! After going to New York for his birthday last year, it was funny to do 'Old York' for the occasion this year!
The Shambles

We had mulled wine & hot ginger to warm up before dinner at Lendal Cellars and a ghost walk tour.

The York Castle Museum--it had nothing to do with castles, but it did have this lovely recreated Victorian street


This was the uniform for "Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service" during World War II (very cool to see how it compares to Grandma's Cadet Nurse uniform!)

The museum also had a cool 1960's section with all sorts of day-to-day objects--clothes, candy, food, furniture, records, books, and even a box of Durex condoms. This is an early Paddington Bear--his eyes used to be very creepy!

The Spirograph was invented by a Leeds local!