Saturday, 25 May 2013


The rock garden

We tried to get through the maze, but it was a little too clever for us...

Bluebells are in bloom

The gardens are amazing--we didn't get to see them when we visited Chatsworth last time (Dec 2011), so it was great to come back in better weather.

We had a lovely picnic--I made a pancetta, spinach and mushroom quiche!

We're a bit squinty--it was so sunny, and definitely the hottest day of the year so far!

The Cascade

The Great Hall

The ceiling is amazing

The same shot, decorated for Christmas, back in 2011

The tour took us on a slightly different route this time--the view was amazing from this side of the house

I love this bathtub in a wardrobe--the term 'water closet' makes so much more sense now!

These filigree pieces are so gorgeous and delicate

The Cascade from the top

The water was so cold!

There were lots of free-range sheep, some of which wandered into the road