Saturday, 15 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a lovely Valentine's day at home--I made tagliatelle with scallops & chorizo and a red velvet cake with raspberries. We had the bottle of champagne from our anniversary in Sept, and after dinner we watched "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" and had coffee & ice cream!

Richard gave me a lovely Lindt Lindor truffle box with different flavours and the CK Shock perfume that I'd been wanting for ages, and I gave him a bottle of Balvenie Double Barrel 12 year Scotch (it's aged in 2 types of barrels, oak and sherry casks, to give it vanilla and fruity flavours).
Not Valentine's related, but here's a picture of the flooding in Wetherby last weekend. I love how there's still a guy on a bench feeding the ducks--that's dedication!

Kitten Catch-Up

I can't believe it's only been a month--it feels like Biscuit's been around longer than that, and she's growing so fast, too! Her coloring is starting to come in and she's so pretty!

This was a cute little game, until she accidentally pulled the F10 and F11 keys off with her claws...She's not allowed on the laptops anymore!

She's fascinated by the washing machine

She loves chewing on straws and she runs around the house with them like a dog with a stick

She's by my side most of the day, but when Richard gets home from work, she's all over him!

Playing hide & seek

She loves boxes, toilet rolls, and aluminum foil balls. 

She's very clever--she can take the ball out of the box really quickly now

This is our scene on most days--me writing and drinking coffee, and Biscuit acting as a lapwarmer/paperweight

She loves it when we have sheets drying on the chairs, just like Cookie did

Ready to pounce!

Crazy eyes

All tuckered out!

She knows she isn't supposed to get on the table. When she makes it up there, she tries to be as cute as possible--chasing her tail in a bowl.

She looks so grown up here!