Sunday, 31 August 2014

August Bank Holiday

Our exciting project this August Bank was to use the Rug Doctor and paint the skirting boards in the living room--this shot shows the "before and after" line down the middle of the living room

On Tuesday, we went for a hike on Ilkley Moor

I love catching it when the heather is in bloom

It gets pretty chilly up there!


We visited the Twelve Apostles, a stone circle that dates back to the Bronze Age (2500-800 BC)--it's been damaged and re-erected over the years, probably because the stones are so small.

It's in an amazing spot, though--almost 360 degree views from one of the highest places on the moor

This weekend, we went to Middleton Railway visitor centre

Original track from 1812

I love the brass on this Victorian-era one!

Moor Road "Station"--the visitor centre has trains going to Middleton Park, a former colliery

The engine detaches and goes around to the other end to make the trip back

Middleton Park had a lovely rose garden

Biscuit's latest trick is playing with egg cartons. She chews on them, bats toys under them, and even sleeps on them. It doesn't look very comfortable!

I picked up this amazing book at Poverty Aid UK yesterday--Housecraft Principles and Practice from 1948. The authors are former staff of the "National Training School of Cookery and Other Branches of Domestic Economy", so they know their shit.
Other titles are available--I'm sure "Concerning Cake Making" is a real page-turner!

I love this...Refrigerators should be in more general use!

Much of the book gives the impression that it's written for the lady of the house as a manager of servants, rather than doing it herself (they use the term "worker" when talking about some tasks). The first edition was from 1924, so it makes sense for that era--but this edition came out after the war, when household servants really became less common. It's so interesting that this shift happened so quickly, and really changed so much about daily life--for both parties!