Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Five 1/2 Months

I've decided to break this month into 2 parts--the run-up to Christmas in the UK and then a separate post (in January) for Christmas in the States. I didn't really get pics of Thanksgiving or my birthday--we hosted a nice dinner at home for Thanksgiving and we celebrated my 30th down at the Alp Chalet in the Christkindlmarkt (I think on both occasions we were too busy talking with friends and playing with George to take pictures!)

Enjoying the Otley Victorian Fayre

George's little Christmas pudding hat got a lot of smiles & comments

Last Friday we did a little bit of Christmas shopping downtown and got lunch at Five Guys

He's so smiley! I love how he raises his eyebrows!

We went to the Christkindlmarkt for our traditional "XXL Bratwurst", hot honey mead & crepes

We've been going to La Leche League meetings for the past 3 months--it's lovely to meet other moms and George is starting to take more of an interest in the toys and other babies. These shots were taken at the last meeting before Christmas--I was glad to get some nice candid pics of the two of us!

We're still spending a lot of time at Grandad's house--George loves his bouncer!

Our Christmas Tree

Family name ornaments

Last year's keepsake ornament

George's present from Grandmere--so fun to have a train under the tree, feels very traditional!

Getting ready for church

The biggest "first" this month has been starting solids

George loves sweet potatoes!

He's very grabby these days and always tries to get the spoon off me

Cute little space bib made by Aunt Kelly!

So sweet when he sleeps...

Let's hope for some of this action on tomorrow's flight!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

5 Months Old

George's first Halloween

We got dinner at Trinity Kitchen before going to the Christmas Light Switch-On

I love that face!
He slept through most of the Switch-On--very cozy in the ergo with his trapper hat and fleece!

(Some of these are from the previous month, but were on my phone)

Learning to sit up at a Starbucks on the M1

I love how he grabs on to my shirt in his sleep...such a little monkey baby!

We've been enjoying some lovely autumn leaves on our street

Such a happy baby!

We went to Five Guys for dinner--the last time I was there, I was pregnant with him!

These are some of the outtakes from our Christmas card photo shoot

George and Biscuit--Santa's little helper!

Dressed up for church

Christmas drinks at Starbucks!

George is turning five months on Thanksgiving, so I'll post this one a day early. Things have still been a bit crazy and stressful for us, but George has still been a little trooper through it all. He just loves spending time with us, so he doesn't mind being taken up & down the motorway every weekend, or fighting the crowds downtown to go Christmas shopping, and he doesn't mind the cold because he's cozy in the ergo. George has been the one positive in a very difficult, trying time for us. We're so blessed with this kid--he's so smiley and friendly with strangers, he's a happy little traveler and he's literally never been sick--never had a cold or a fever, no reactions from vaccines, nothing! We still struggle with sleep, but he's so good in other aspects that I honestly don't mind.

He's really into his toys these days--he loves his little crinkly book, teethers and rattles (Ruth gave him a cute little Lion soft rattle that he loves!). If you put something in front of him, he'll grab it with both hands and pull it to his mouth. He still loves Billie Holiday songs and we've been listening to a lot of Christmas music this month, too. We've started putting him in his Tigger bouncer now, too, and he loves it--his feet don't quite touch the floor because the doorway is a bit high, but he still enjoys it. These videos were from his first time in the bouncer (he's gotten the hang of it much better now!):

This week, we've started George on porridge and he loves it! He gets all excited when I bring a spoonful towards his mouth. I may try giving him some sweet potato tomorrow (not my Ol' No. 7 Yams--I'll set some plain cooked sweet potato aside for him before I add the booze!). It seems crazy that he's old enough for solids, but his head control is good, he's very interested in food and he's able to swallow, so all 3 signs of readiness are there now. We're planning on getting his highchair after we get back from Christmas in January. He'll be 6 months on Boxing day, so our next post will be very Christmassy!