Monday, 27 July 2015

One Month Old

I can't believe George is already a month old!

He's having more alert periods, with eyes open and arms and legs moving about

Cute onesie from the Clustermates!

He's starting to try to suck his thumbs--we'll be thrilled when he learns to self-soothe!

 So sweet!

On Sunday, George turned one month old. This first month has gone so fast--though pregnancy seems like ages ago, and it does sometimes feel like he's been around forever. They say that with a baby, days and nights are long, but the weeks and months are short!

As you'd expect for a newborn, he's still very sleepy and squishy. He loves to cuddle, especially in the Ergo or after a feed. George is becoming more alert & with it every day, though.We're looking forward to getting to know him as he becomes a more responsive, interactive little guy in the months ahead.

In terms of my postpartum recovery, I've been doing well. I pushed myself and did a bit too much the first couple of weeks, but now I'm getting better about resting, eating well and drinking plenty of water. I complain about constant feedings, but actually, I do love breastfeeding. It's a nice excuse to sit back and relax, and it's nice to be needed.    

My mom went back to the States this morning--it was so great to have her help this month, and I loved watching her with George! He definitely recognizes her and she's a pro at soothing him in the rocking chair. I'm so glad they had this time together!

First month round-up:
Tearooms/Cafes: The Three Sheep Tearoom, Caffe Nero, Costa, Starbucks (twice), Opposite
Pubs: The Bowling Green, The Steel Foundry, The Original Oak, Lawnswood Arms, The Stables
Great houses: Lotherton Hall, Chatsworth House
Malls: Meadowhall, White Rose
Events: Graduation

Sunday, 26 July 2015

PhD Graduation

On Tuesday, I had my PhD graduation ceremony

It was so great to have my mom here for it!

And George, too!

Family photo

George was a little star--he slept through the whole ceremony in the Ergo on Richard

My very expensive piece of paper!

I had a great time at the reception, showing George off to my department's staff and my fellow graduates

My friend Heidi (now officially Dr. Heidi!) admiring George's little tweed suit

Sunday, 19 July 2015

3 Weeks Old

Last Sunday after church we went to Lotherton Hall, a local Edwardian house that my mom hadn't visited yet

They also had a great exhibition on 1950's fashion (and George was too young to protest!)

He's changing day by day and getting more alert

On Saturday we went to Chatsworth and fulfilled a lifelong dream for my mom

The painted hall

George at Chatsworth!

We had lunch at the Cavendish Restaurant

3 weeks, 2 days old

Friday, 10 July 2015

2 Weeks Old

George at 3 Days Old

Good Morning Sunshine!

4 days post-partum

George loves his bouncer chair--sometimes it's the only thing that will calm him, and it's so handy for times when I just need to put him down for a minute

Day 5--such a serious face, for somebody wearing a lamb onesie

Baby's first outing--on day 5, we took him out in the Ergo for a quick walk around Headingley. We stopped for milkshakes at Shake-It and picked up a few things at Sainsburys.

George loves the Ergo and falls asleep as soon as we get moving

Richard found this beautiful Wedgwood plate with a little cherub in the centre for George! His dad & his partner sent the flowers in the background--so lovely!

Day 11--George is starting to enjoy bath time a little more. His first bath was on day 8, after his umbilical cord stump had healed, but this was his first bath where he wasn't screaming & beetroot-red-faced!

Day 14--He's starting to have lovely alert & happy periods in the mornings, where we finally get to see his eyes open a bit more

Lounging on the baby quilt from Aunt Julie!

I love the raised eyebrow...he reminds me of Orson Welles (whose real first name was also George!)

Overall, it's been a great first two weeks--he's sleeping a little better every night, breastfeeding is going well and we're enjoying getting to know our little guy!