Friday, 21 August 2015

8 Weeks Old

Last Saturday we went to Golden Acre Park to take advantage of the sunshine.
For years, we've been the only couple at Golden Acre without a dog or a kid--now we finally fit in!

George is still working on thumb-sucking--getting closer every time!

His expression in this one looks like Wallace Shawn, the guy in Princess Bride & Clueless. All newborns look like him at some point!

Having lunch in the tea room at Golden Acre

The biggest development after 6 weeks has been George's ability to sleep for longer stretches. His favorite spot is still the bouncer, and Richard figured out this position that always works--on his side, with his face up against the head rest. It's not good in terms of SIDS guidelines, but we're always watching him when he's like sleeping this. 

Two sleepy little friends

Biscuit is getting better all the time with him

George still hasn't taken much notice of her, though

We've been getting more smiles & funny expressions these days

On Wednesday we went to Pret a Manger for the first time

George still really enjoys the baby gym during his wakeful times

Eight weeks old today!

I can't believe he's already 8 weeks old! We're starting to get into more of a routine with George, with longer chunks of time spent sleeping and playing in between feeding. We don't follow an actual schedule yet, but roughly speaking:
8ish--Get up for the day, change nappy and put on daytime clothes, feed, play
12ish--Change and feed, play
4ish--Change and feed, play
5:30ish--Richard gets home, play, change and feed, possibly nap during dinner (so awesome when this happens--we both get to eat hot food at the same time!)
8ish--Bath (every couple of days, not every night yet), change into pajamas with new nappy, feed while we watch TV for an hour or so
10ish--Bedtime--usually includes another feed and falling asleep around 11pm
2ish--Wake to feed, back to sleep after an hour or so 
5ish--Wake to feed, back to sleep after an hour or so

George really has turned a corner on the whole sleep thing. Richard's figured out good positions for him, and I've found a few songs that help. He loves "Goodnight, Little Darling" by Woody Guthrie (nice and repetitive, I sing it with a slight twang and he goes right to sleep--must be the American half of him!). These 2-hour long daytime naps are amazing. I get a chance to eat, shower, do dishes & laundry, even write or nap occasionally. On days that we go out, he usually sleeps in the Ergo carrier for a couple of hours straight, too--he still really loves being a little limpet! Sometimes it can be frustrating when I want to get things done, but I know he's going to be an independent little boy all too soon, so I try to enjoy it as much as possible.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Biscuit and George

Poor Biscuit had a rough time at first, adjusting to the baby's arrival

She's been checking him out from a safe distance...

Sometimes when George is in his bouncer seat, she gets a little closer to him for a good sniff

At first, she would get startled when we tried to put him on the floor near her

She's starting to take more of an interest in him now, though

A cracking photo op on George's 2-week birthday

The baby gym has been a big hit, for both George and Biscuit

They're off to a bit of a slow start, but we're hoping they'll have many years of fun times together!

Friday, 7 August 2015

6 Weeks Old

George at 4 1/2 weeks

5 weeks exactly
Last Friday we went to an engagement party for Richard's officemate Andrew and his fiancee Holly. George was really good at the party and his Dr. Who Tardis onesie was a hit with the I.T. crowd, too!

Our British summer weather has been unpredictable, as usual--some days have been cold enough to need jackets, and we've noticed George's hands and feet getting cold, even indoors. His size 0-3 month clothes are mostly short-sleeved, so we've had to dip into his fall wardrobe. This adorable old man sweater is 3-6 months, so he's swimming in it, but at least he's nice and toasty! 

We've started trying to do a little tummy time every day--usually just on blankets, but this time we tried the Boppy out

He's still trying to sort out the whole thumb-sucking thing

...but sometimes it's hard to find that thumb!

He'll settle for sucking his wrist

That big head can be hard to handle..."A little help, here?"


Three Mr. Betties!
On Wednesday we went down to see Richard's dad--he enjoyed meeting George and we had a nice catch-up with him.

This morning, as he turned 6 weeks today, we had a couple of milestones--we're using cloth diapers for the first time and we tried out the baby gym

He loved it, especially with the music

He's starting to give us an occasional smile these days--so cute!