Thursday, 24 March 2016

Nine Months

George is going to be nine months old on Saturday!

We're away for Easter weekend, so I wanted to post this early

We went to Temple Newsam Farm at the end of last month, but unfortunately we were too early to see the lambs

It was fun to see the other animals, at any rate!

George's schlafsak (Grobag)--he's been doing well lately, sometimes even sleeping through the night! 

He still loves his meals!

He's getting very good at holding himself up when you lean him against something! Not quite pulling himself up on his own yet, but I can tell it's coming soon...

Last weekend we went to Golden Acre Park after church

George seems unimpressed by the duck pond

Firsts this month:
First Mothering Sunday
First trip to Paris
First time meeting his French relatives
First time crawling forwards

On the Move

George is really making progress with his crawling now! When I was filming this, I put a book down in front of me to get him to crawl over to it, and Biscuit came to check it out--which of course only made George want to crawl even more!

For comparison, here he is starting to rock on hands and knees last month:

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Baby's First Visit to Paris

Ready to go!

George did well on the flight to Paris--it's only 1 1/2 hr, so he fed & slept the whole time

We stayed at Hotel Moulin Vert in the 14eme arrondissement

Our room was clean & comfortable, they'd put a pack-and-play in the room for us, and the view was lovely!
On our first night, we had a gorgeous dinner at Polidor
George slept through the appetizers, but woke up in time to share some of my boeuf bourguignon

He liked the mash!

After dinner we took a little walk around the Latin Quarter

There was a park over the road where we ate our patisserie for breakfast--my favourite chausson aux pommes (chausson literally means slipper, but it's an apple turnover) and a pain au chocolat with cafe

On Friday we met up with Richard's mom--she took us to lunch and for a walk around Parc Monceau

She enjoyed spending time with George, showing him the carousel animals and singing "Au Clair de la Lune"

Afternoon coffee and cake at Le Bon Marche, the world's oldest department store

Place des Vosges, where Victor Hugo lived

Fondue dinner at Le Chalet Savoyard

George was crazy about the bread at every restaurant we went to--il adore le pain!

The Pantheon, monument to great men of France (and 1 great woman, with the addition of Marie Curie!)

It was originally a church dedicated to Ste Genevieve

It makes me feel very patriotic--Vive la France!

The tomb of Voltaire

Marie & Pierre Curie

We also saw Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Jean Monnet and Emile Zola

Fontaine de Medici at Jardin de Luxembourg
I love the pond with the little sailboats in front of the Palais du Luxembourg

We visited Richard's cousin Laurent and his family on Saturday

It was so lovely to see him and Laure again, and to meet little Noemie and Eva!

We met up with my friends Mallory and Erik and their tour group on a visit to the Musee d'Orsay

George was pretty good for the museum--mostly quiet and in the Ergo, but we let him stretch his legs and stand up by this bench amongst the Monets

It was so great to see Mallory again and to have her meet George!

She got some smiles and giggles out of him!

Le Metro

On our last morning, we went to a restaurant for breakfast instead of our usual patisserie take-out

There was a super friendly kitty who settled in for a nap on Richard's coat while we ate

On the way to Sainte Chappelle, we ran across a pet street market, selling pet food and birds

Sainte Chappelle is amazing--so breathtaking!

The windows all depict different books of the bible--in this Genesis one, you can see Noah's Ark

Even the floor is intricate

On the steps of the Palais de Justice

Sainte Chappelle and the Palais de Justice

Notre Dame


The queue at Notre Dame was relatively short, so we popped in there, too. We lit a candle for George at the chapel dedicated to St Pierre. I love this Joan of Arc memorial.
Charles de Gaulle

Arc de Triomphe

George is crazy about this shape sorter from Laurent & Laure! There were so many lovely wooden toys in France. We also got him this cute set of nesting dolls--la loupe et les trois petits cochons!

Notre Petit Monsieur!