Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Ten Months

George is ten months old today!

The monthly photo shoot was tough this morning...
He's a little more serious than he usually is...

We love his crazy sleeping positions

We celebrated George's first Easter down at Polesworth. We went to a lovely service at Polesworth Abbey and gave him books and toys--we got this "Little Brown Bear and the Easter eggs" book and "Little Wolf: bathtime" bath book in Paris, and the little Peter Rabbit rattle was from York

Smiling in his sleep

He loves the "That's Not My..." series of touch-and-feel board books

Aunt Kelly sent this Monkey one, and the Dinosaur & Kitten ones

They're a big hit! Thanks Aunt Kelly!

He's getting a lot bigger than Biscuit

We went back to Temple Newsam this month and this time, the lambs had arrived!

The little newborns are so sweet!

George checking out the barn

There were so many lambs--fifty-some mamas, and I'm not sure how many babies (they often come in twos, and they're numbered according to the mother, so twins of ewe number 15 will both say 15 on them, etc.)

I love lambing season!

We've still been working hard at the house--George loves riding on my back in the Ergo while we do lawn work!

Lazy day on the couch with my two buddies

We went out to Skipton after the Chevin Easter cross lowering and had a lovely walk around the park

They had these great baby swings--George was thrilled!

I love this look--so innocent!

We went to Tropical World on a rainy cold Saturday

George slept through the butterfly section

He woke up in time for the piranhas and Amazon section

Taking it all in...

He kept getting distracted by other kids, though--at this stage, the big kids are more interesting than the fish!

Looking at the waterfall

He was a bit apprehensive in the reptile area--I guess a fear of snakes is instinctive, not taught!

I love the crazy eyes on this little chameleon

Our little monkey checking out the monkeys

Practising pulling up to stand 

I love the meerkats!

George wasn't quite sure what to think of them

And once again, the big kids were much more interesting to watch...

We happened to catch them at feeding time, so that was neat--they had chunks of fruit and dry pellets

Totally distracted by the big kid next to him

The coral reef tank, or "Nemo" tank, as every kid and parent calls it


After a lovely pub lunch, we walked around Roundhay Park. This garden is a replica of the Alhambra in Seville

George slept through it--I love the Ergo!

He's still loving his mealtimes--porridge for breakfast, veg/grain/meat combo purees at lunch and dinner, and yogurt or biscuits for snacks

Lunch at Trinity Kitchen

His latest development this month has been going from crawling to pulling up and standing

Biscuit's been very patient and sweet with George, and he is crazy about her. He watches her and giggles--it's so cute!

Sweet potato is still a favorite--"Why did you stop feeding me? Put down the camera and keep the food coming!"

Meeting up with Daddy for lunch at the University

A couple of weekends ago we went to Ikea--George loved it!

They give free baby food pouches when you buy any meal, so George had organic salmon and sweet potato

I love seeing his personality coming out more & more these days

We've been having very changeable weather this spring, so George and I have been trying to get out and enjoy the sunny moments while they last

Last week, we went to the park by St Johns, a beautiful 17th C church right in the city centre

He's very serious about his crawling & exploring

After all that crawling, we had lunch at Trinity Kitchen

Smiley little guy in pj's after his bath

We got this dragon hand puppet at Ikea and he loves it

George is ten months old today--so crazy! He's getting three more teeth coming in now, one more on the bottom and two on the top (not the middle ones, but the ones on either side of the 2 middle ones). He loves standing at his activity cube and pulling up on the couch & coffee table, and his crawling is getting a lot faster now. He had his nine-month developmental review last week and he's doing well, meeting his milestones and not raising any red flags. They gave us a little sippy cup, a toothbrush & toothpaste, and two board books. His next developmental review isn't until he's 2, and they give you older kid books then--I just love the fact they give out books!

This month's firsts:
First Easter
First time on a swing
First time pulling up to standing
First trip to Ikea
First visit to Tropical World