Thursday, 26 May 2016

Eleven Months

George is 11 months old today!

Why do mornings have to be so early?!

Grandma's visit brought a heatwave again--we had a few days over 20C/70F!

On the first weekend, we went to Hardwick Hall

Elizabethan baby

The next day, we went up to Skipton after church and had lunch at my favorite pub, the Woolly Sheep Inn--we got George his first ever kid's meal, Sausages & Mash, from the Little Sheep Menu!

We went to Betty's in Ilkley

We went down to London--first time for both Mom and George!

Outside St Pancras

Trafalgar Square

Big Ben & Parliament

Winston Churchill

We took the train out to Scarborough

It was really cold & windy, but we had a great time!

George has been getting really good at pulling himself up and cruising along the sofa and coffee table

He's also getting faster at chasing poor Biscuit!

So many toys and books, and he insists on pulling all of the electronics and CD-Rs/DVD-Rs out...

Now that he's more mobile, he's starting to get up to some mischief...When I tell him "No" and try to stop him from messing with the computer, he laughs like this!

He loves his books! "Peek-a-Who" and the "That's Not My..." series are still solid favorites, and he pulls the Wiggly Eye books off the shelf for us to read to him.

Last weekend we went to the 207th Otley Show

We got lots of comments about his little flat cap

Our little Yorkshireman's first agricultural show!

Lunch at Pret a Manger downtown yesterday

Tea at the Tiled Cafe yesterday

This was a busy month for us--we finished up at Grandad's house, we had a fun visit from Grandma, and George had his Christening. George loved having Grandma here and he always gives her a big grin when he sees her! We had a great time traveling around and sightseeing, having pub meals and tea & scones, shopping, etc. It was so nice to have an extra adult around to help, too--I was able to eat quite a few hot meals!

We've been trying to increase his snacks and protein and this month it paid off: he gained 1lb 4 oz! He's suddenly gotten all four center top teeth in, and the lateral incisors on the bottom, too, bringing his total number of teeth to 8. So crazy, after not having any teeth until 8 months!

Firsts this month:
First trip to London
First trip to the seaside (Scarborough)
First cruising steps along the couch
First agricultural show