Sunday, 26 June 2016

12 Months

George is 12 months old today!

He still loves his food! Favorites include mango, cheese, and risotto

No new teeth this month, but he's been teething again--we're going through lots of Bonjela!
Working on Grandad's garden over the bank holiday weekend

Lunch at Vesper Gate, the pub where we met up with my family in the week before our wedding

He loves pulling up to stand

So proud of himself!

Enjoying a game of peek-a-boo

One day when we were out running errands, I decided to stop at the University for lunch so he could crawl around on the grass. By the time I got there, he was out! At least I got to eat my lunch while he slept.

Once he woke up, he enjoyed his lunch & a Dr Seuss board book I'd picked up at Oxfam books that morning (every time I go there to donate books, I end up finding new ones!)

Having tea at Love Rouge Bakery on a rainy Queen's Birthday Saturday

We were drying out the umbrella in the hallway and Biscuit had to check it out

His hair's getting long and crazy

Our church does teas on the lawn every year for Otley Carnival--we went to help out in the morning, then had fish & chips for lunch and watched the parade, went around some of the shops, then came back to church for tea & cake in the afternoon. It was a lovely day out!
He's started doing this crazy cheesy grin

On the way home, we stopped off at Kirkstall Abbey's playground for a quick go on the swings

Pure bliss!

I love this expression!

So strong! That 1kg hand weight is a lot heavier for a 9kg baby than it is for an adult!

Yesterday we went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park--I'm not sure George appreciated the artwork, but we had a lovely time!

George is one! He's now weighing in at 20 lb, 2 oz and straddling the 9-12 month/12-18 month clothing sizes. He crawls very fast these days, especially when chasing Biscuit or following us from room to room. He's showing a lot of interest in walking--he pulls up on the couch and coffee table and cruises along, holding on with both hands. He's in a transitional period with food, preferring finger foods to spoon-feeding, but he still needs the spoon-feeding to get enough down. We've still been working on getting more protein into him and found he loves cheese--I do tiny cubes of cheddar as finger foods and I mix ricotta & parmesan into his pasta sauce. We try out new things all the time--we gave him a bit of a kalamata olive the other night and it didn't go down well, haha!

This month's firsts:
First Spring Bank holiday
First Otley Carnival
First Father's Day--George made a cute card at daycare with his footprints and they made a photo keychain, and I made Richard a custom 6-pack of porters and stouts, and gave him a vintage Guinness mirror sign. After church we went to Leeds City Museum for a Father's Day event--so fun!
First time going to a polling station
First visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park
First birthday! I'll do a separate birthday post with pics of his cake & present opening :)

It really has been the fastest year ever--I hope the next 17 years don't go as fast as this, or he'll be off to uni in no time! On Friday there was an open day on campus and I had to bring George in with me to see a student, and I've got to say, seeing parents with their kids has always been cute & fun for me, but now it's taken on a whole new meaning--I noticed moms smiling at me & George in the Ergo, and I realized that they were in my shoes not too long ago. *Sunrise, Sunset*

Saturday, 25 June 2016

First Birthday Video Dump

I don't post videos as often as I should--they take so much longer to edit and upload than photos, and even the photos only get posted once a month! Tonight, the night before George's first birthday, I was looking at all of the old videos on my phone and decided I should finally edit and post them. Here are some repeats and some that haven't been posted before. Enjoy!
Baby Bettie kicking

Baby hiccups

Middle of the night burst of energy

Smiling at the baby in the mirror

Patient Biscuit


His latest skill: Clapping

Dinosaur Dress-up at the Leeds City Museum

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Baby Photos

These are all around the 9-12 month age--I can definitely see features from both of us in George!