Friday, 26 August 2016

14 Months

George is 14 months old today!
Picking out a book to read

Holding on tight on the bus!
The last weekend in July, we went to the Kirkstall Abbey market

George had his first taste of sauerkraut from the Polish sausage stall

Not a fan yet!

The next day after church we went out to Pateley Bridge and happened to catch their 1940's weekend--so fun! They had live music doing big band classics and we took a ride on this vintage bus

They had lots of classic military vehicles--British, French and American ones--and there was a really cool display of a US medic field tent, with all of the antique syringes and dressings and supplies in original boxes

George and I sitting well away from the artillery display--they fired some of the antique weapons & they were really loud!

We walked up the hill and looked around the beautiful old parish church--it had an amazing view of the hills all around the town

George looks like he's having way too much fun in a graveyard!

An afternoon on campus

It's so quiet in the summer, it makes it the perfect place for George to crawl around a little and explore

George is still crazy about poor Biscuit--I've been training him to pet her with an open hand and not grab her, and he seems to be doing much better these days. Keeping him away from her food, on the other hand, is still a struggle!  

One last visit to Grandad's house--we couldn't keep George away from the decorative coals on the fire grate

A couple of weeks back we took a canal walk in Skipton

Followed by lunch at Wetherspoons

Lunch at Chicago Rib Shack

He's crazy about their sweet potato fries!

Enjoying the North Leeds Food Festival at Roundhay Park--George loved the mac & cheese!
Richard with his mini-me

Emptying out the toy drawers

Such a happy little guy!

It's been another busy month--George is very active, getting into everything and he loves cruising along, holding onto furniture. I'm sure he'll be walking within the next couple of months. 

He's gotten better about playing independently these days. He pushes little cars and trains around, and talks on his chatter telephone (he also holds other things up to his ear and talks, like a remote control or calculator...tonight he did it with a tube of Savlon ointment!). He loves playing with his musical instruments--we got another little drum for him and he loves his shakers and xylophone, too.
He's also very vocal these days, with new sounds and lots of giggles & shrieks. He says "ickle, ickle, ickle" over and over, which we're pretty sure is because we say "tickle, tickle, tickle!" when we tickle him. It's the first word that seems to have an actual assigned meaning, so that's exciting!
George still loves his food--his current favourites are cheese, meat and berries. He's started to dislike his veg, unfortunately. This week I snuck shredded courgette/zucchini, carrot and green onion into meatballs and he loved them, so I've made up another big batch for the freezer.  

This month's firsts:
First taste of sauerkraut
First Kirkstall Abbey market
First "Big Latch On" event--over 17,000 babies nursed at the same time at events around the world!
First visit to Pateley Bridge