Wednesday, 26 October 2016

16 Months

George is 16 months old today!

It's been another busy month with the start of term and lots of events--at the end of September, we went to the Yorkshire's Rio Heroes parade to see our local Olympians & Paralympians

Alistair & Johnny Brownlee holding up their medals (gold & silver) for the Triathlon--they're from Bramhope, which is just 4 or 5 miles north of us, and they're University of Leeds alums, too!

Waving the Yorkshire flag--there really were a lot of Olympic athletes from Yorkshire, and they won 14 out of Team GB's 67 medals. If Yorkshire were a separate country, it would have finished 17th on the medals table, ahead of Canada, New Zealand & South Africa! 

Yorkshire Tea's Little Urn even made an appearance!

Playing at Kirkstall Abbey

Still crazy about swings!

One Sunday after church we went out to Skipton & tried the Pie & Mash shop--it was delicious!

I love his little braces/suspenders--so cute!

We had family portraits done earlier this month--it was great to finally get some professional shots taken of us, and the photographer was great at getting us to relax & look natural

George copying Mommy--watching election coverage with a cup of coffee!

We've still been trying to keep him away from screens, but I can't pass up a good photo op like this! I've been closely following the election coverage, especially all of my late night favorites like Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Trevor Noah & Seth Meyers. I've already sent in my ballot--for some reason, my mail-in ballot didn't arrive, even though I got a voter registration card in the post last month, so I know they have my address right and my registration status is active. When it still hadn't come in the mail as of last week, I used the download & e-mail function for overseas voters and scanned & e-mailed my ballot. So glad I can still vote in the U.S. elections! It killed me not to be able to participate in the Brexit referendum--I would hate not to be able to vote this time, too!

We went to Ikea a couple of weeks ago--George isn't quite big enough for the kids' carts yet!

Last Sunday was Biscuit's 3rd birthday--she's still very good with George, very patient & tolerant of his affection. When it gets to be too much for her, she just walks off and sleeps in her box, and after he goes to bed, she joins us on the couch. Such a sweet kitty!

We got one of the ELC little wooden postboxes at the Tabletots sale last month--it's been a hit!

George tolerates having his hair messed with, as long as we let him play with the brush & comb afterwards

Yesterday morning we went out to Meanwood Park

I love this hipster Grandad sweater--it kills me!

Last Sunday we went to the Keighley Worth Valley Railway Beer & Music festival

I bought this "Half Pint" onesie before he was born, but then we missed last year's beer festivals in Sept & October, and this year's Town Hall fest in Sept, so he hadn't had a chance to wear it yet. He was too big for it, so I just left it unsnapped and tucked it in like a t-shirt!

The Ingrow station has a great railway museum--the carriages on display in here have been used in lots of movies, like North & South, Brideshead Revisited (the 80's version and the more recent one), Testament of Youth (I recognized Keighley station in that one!), etc.

George had a good time at the festival--it was family day, so there were lots of other kids

He slept in the Ergo after a lovely lunch of pie & peas & chips!

It's been a crazy month, but I think just this week things are calming down--nobody's sick at the moment and we're finally getting used to our new routine. George started daycare 3 days a week this month (up from just 1), and we had a rough start with that because he caught a bad virus. During my first two weeks of teaching, I was getting calls from daycare almost every day--either asking permission to give him calpol (baby Tylenol), or just letting me know that he wasn't himself (I knew that, but what could I do? If he wasn't throwing up and didn't have a fever, I took him to daycare!). I picked him up early when I could, but it wasn't always possible. It was really frustrating and upsetting--I worried that maybe he just wasn't going to adjust to the extra days. Now that he's feeling better, he's been doing fine at daycare. They've also been introducing him to the next age group up, in the midst of the whole virus ordeal--he'll be moving to that room next week. I'm sure now that he's well, he'll enjoy it. He loves one of the women who works in that room, and he'll be making the transition with 3 of his little buddies from the baby room.

Development wise, I'm expecting him to have a huge leap soon--he's still on the edge of being able to walk independently (but loves walking with support), and he's babbling all the time but he's not quite there with recognisable words. He's started pointing at things now, though, so that helps us figure out what he wants. One of the ladies at daycare said her son had a huge developmental leap after moving up from the baby room to the toddler room, so hopefully we'll see some milestones over the next couple of months. 

This month's firsts:
First A&E visit--when we were out with him on Light Night, George got very feverish & threw up. We happened to be near the hospital, so we decided to get him checked out at the Pediatric A&E. They confirmed that it seemed to just be a virus, which was both a relief & also frustrating, because all they can do is give calpol!
First visit to Whitby
First beer festival
First steam train ride